Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generate Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generate Integrity. Spirit and Integrity create Soul. This is how we grow at all levels.

Why People Embracing Change

Why PEC?

Society has fragmented into isolated groups that ignore a wealth of diversity in ages and experience. People trust only their peer groups. Isolation and convenient excuses to see things from a narrow perspective are perpetuated. This is unsophisticated and unhealthy.

Religion and society have lost focus as these institutions expect things to stay the same and fail to adjust to reality. It is easier to create convenient rationalizations to avoid truth. People look to their leaders for direction, who in turn, merely fall back on their tradition. Choices, behaviors and ways of doing things rarely change as a result. Stagnation continues creating what looks like change,however there is nothing but chaos holding on to outmoded behaviors, philosophies and ideologies.

People Effecting Change

We refuse to accept the status quo. Our mission is to restart the process of transformation. We recognize and embrace that change within society is desirable and mandatory for growth as individuals and as a community. We achieve these goals through a variety of avenues.

Prepare an Emergent Culture.

We choose to live consciously. This is normal for any esoteric training. Esoteric (the hidden) must be exoteric (open and transparent). It is learning to be a conscious, true or authentic individual. Those terms are used amongst many spiritual and esoteric communities around the world.

Pursue Excellence in Character.

Spirituality is a part of our everyday life. We refuse to live in isolation. We share how we think, why we think, and how to be aware of our choices in interactions with others. This promotes a social culture of thinking. We choose to act in a way to be a positive example to each other and society.

A Pan Ecumenical Church

We are Ecumenical. Every belief system and esoteric tradition has valuable thoughts, ideas and philosophies that help people live every day, spiritually, ethically and secularly. This is similar to a church, which is a community that embraces spiritual, secular and everyday cultural values which help the community, the family and the individual. The current core set of Elders combined have over 100 years of study and experience in various spiritual traditions. Currently, there are experienced individuals in Wicca, Druidism, East African, Shamanism, Christian, Jewish, Native American beliefs, thaumaturgy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other comparative practices and religions from around the world.

We share what we know with each other. We value each other’s perceptions. We take time to understand where the other person is coming from. We enjoy people being themselves and who are being good thinking caring people.

Pan Esoteric Clergy

Our Sabbats, or traditional Pagan seasonal holidays, are spiritual; however, they are designed to include secular individuals. So far, Elders who have been inspired have organized the rituals. We have asked each other for spiritual help, pastoral counseling, and sanity checks.

Protect Everyone’s Children

We all are the Creator’s Children. We encourage our children to enjoy being children, and we support them growing up. When they are adults we treat them like adults, but they are still family. They are to be protected.

People Evolving Consciousness.

As adults, we do not live to grow old. We live to experience and be alive. We give each other the freedom to grow, change and live. We let each other relax and be themselves. This is all about being responsible to the people we care about and the family that supports us. It is important we make each other feel safe. We support each other to grow, to find ourselves, and importantly be our own authentic and true persons.

Purposeful Evolution of Community.

All of the Elders are available for teaching, as they are able and we all learn from one another. We all are responsible to learn from each other. We are responsible for learning the truth of things. Understand the context and the limits of information, learn and verify. We expect each of us to grow in personal power and grow their personal responsibility.

Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generate Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generate Integrity. Spirit and Integrity create Soul.

This is to say, Live absolutely honestly with absolutely everything, with your self, others, the world, nature and the universe. Then in return, the Universe, the world, nature and others will hold you honestly. This type of working integrity is the root of immortality.

Freedom and Obligation in Balance

Who and what we are defies common handles. We understand, are part of and support the ethical living of alternate lifestyles. We believe in the ability to choose responsibly how we want to live. Likewise, we respect those who choose to be responsible. We are a clan and chosen family who embrace change at all levels.

PEC is positively evolving and changing.