Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generate Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generate Integrity. Spirit and Integrity create Soul. This is how we grow at all levels.

PEC Council Meeting Minutes 03/14/2016,  Held 2045-1800
Attending Elders:  Archonstone, Ursa, Bear

 Meeting was opened for Council Business by Archonstone.

Old Business :

1)  New business cards for Council Elders to be designed and obtained
	Business Cards Obtained
2)  Articles of Incorporation for 501-C or other type> Spiritual, Support, Education: 
 	Archonstone to discuss also with H&R Block.  In progress
3)  Schedule for bi-monthly council meetings
	Scheduled for Monday Evenings following Classes.
4)  Bank Account -two council members on it, in case something happens to one elder
	To Be Obtained.
5)  PayPal
	To Be Obtained
6)  Credential certificates updated and placed in prominent place
7)  Updated Marketing > class schedule
      4:00 p.m. Class
      5:00 p.m. Practicum or meditation
      Afterwards possible socialization time at selected class dates
	Continuing on a Semi Bi-monthly meeting.
8)   Archonstone - Book progress
	In progress.
9)   Flesh out websites
	Publishing in various North Georgia or Georgia Facebook pages.
	Witchvox to be updated.
10)  Ursa blog page
11)  Get out invites for next ritual - social media
12)  Plan next ritual
	Ostara March 19th the evening.
		Local Families being invited.
13)  Networking
	to be continued.
14)  Advertisements - Oracle and other pagan magazines, WitchVox, PaganSpace, Cards and Brochures at Metaphysical book stores
	This is has yet to be acted on.
15)  Pagan Marketplace - when?
	Not being ran, this year.
16)  Athen's Pagan Pride
	Atlanta Pagan Pride
	Still on the table  until scheduled.
17)  Another Pagan Pub Night---North GA Pagan Pub Night
        Research Possible venues_ 
	Good Ole Days, 
	Taco Mac, 
	Castleberry Ale House, 
	Crimson  Moon,  Not appropriate
	pub at the Avenues,  too crowded and noisy
	- Still researching for a venue.
18)  Treasurer's report.  Funds from three years of Vendor sales and donations.
	No new updates on the treasurer's report.  
	No donations recieved.
	No use of cash.   Donated by Elders

New Business:
1) Ostara March 19th the evening.
		Local Families being invited.

Meeting was hammered closed by Elder Bear