Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generates Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generates Integrity. Spirit and Integrity creates Soul. This is how we grow at all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership This will be the hardest question you will ask yourself.

What is your leadership and organization like?

Are you a cult?

The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame

The above link should give you the framework to answer if this is a dangerous cult or not. Technically all religions or spiritual groups are cults.

Who are your Elders?

Bear, Ursa and Archonstone. Archonstone is the main contact for the group. Our real names we will be glad to share with you once we know about you and your intent. Pagans, witches or people being anything other than conservative Christians, are endangered of losing their careers, families and more. It is easy enough find out who we are. Archonstone is out in public with his identity.

What are your qualifications?

Elders and what you might want to expect.


Bear is our chief elder. He had informal training from his grandmother. He was adopted by a group of Native Americans who shared a Mesa Tradition in Northeast California of sharing shamanic and medicine ways. He has been adopted by the Shoshone and Ute Native Americans. He has learned spiritual practices in Japan and Korea. His core training has been in shamanic practices.


Bill has had done most of his development and training as a solitaire. He ran a BBS called Wizard's Workshop in the Late 80's, promoting self acceptance and development of psychic abilities. He encouraged people to find their own path. He supported Heathens on the Hudson, supported rituals at a Unitarian Universalist church in Schenectady, NY. He has taught Energy work, Chi Gong, Defense against the Dark Arts, meditation, Magic and Materials and other classes, at Ecumenicon (Interfaith Ecumenical esoteric convention), at local Georgia gatherings, and from his home. He has been an apprentice to Bear. He has and continues to study the worlds religions and metaphysical practices.


Ursa is the heart of the Tribe. She is a natural healer, psychic empath and works with earth energies. She has received education from a Sioux medicine man in shamanic practices and done private study in other Native American, Wiccan and other world religions. She has had college level study in ancient religion, paganism and the occult. She is very much the earth mother grounded in common sense, but embraces the joy of living.

What do you Teach?

PEC Training Outline

There are many definitions of pagan, and what we do does not fit totally in any of those definitions. Are you witches, again it depends on your definition, and what we as a tribe intend to do, many of us won’t be.

We support and teach spiritual and ethical practices that are for the benefit and betterment of the individuals and the tribe, regardless of their spiritual path.

We are People who Embrace Change. We are a tribe. Until we find a word that describes us or until we create a word, we are who we are.

Are you Pagans?

Richard Hutton's definition of Pagans are white Europeans recreating and practicing their original aboriginal beliefs before the Abrahamic Beliefs. If that was so, then we would be limiting what we want to represent in our tribe.

We support any person who practices and follow the Abrahamic beliefs, Christianity, Judiasm and Islam. We support Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, Shinto, Voodou, Lucumi, Ifa, Aboriginal practices around the world, Norse, and everything. The one and only requirement is this, will they see each other as a family, a tribe, live peacibly with everyone in the tribe and will they continue to develop their spiritual development? Yes it is a list of requirements. Pagans were outlying tribes from the larger societies as they were being converted to Christianity. To say we are Pagan would isolate us from all other religions. If your definition is anything that isn't just an Abrahmic faith, then yes. But no, we are people who want a better world for our tribe and to be a model for the rest of the world.

What are our opinions of LGBT issues?

Many religions and society dictates are about growing and maintaining control in society, along with its ultimate growth. Some of this in history and even today is about cultural demands breeding and a growing society.

All societies grow to a point where social and environmental stresses cause an increase in percentage of non-breeding individuals. It is natural in many animal groups.

What we all have to remember is we are all family. For the sanity of all individuals, honest, loving and responsible relationships are needed.

This is what our tribe is about, honest, loving and responsible relationships. Not everyone is suited to have or raise children. That includes breeding couples. What matters is that families are supported by individuals who care and nurture. Those who are better suited to do other productive things for the tribe are free to do so. When you have children they thrive better when there is a larger community insuring there are resources supporting it. This makes a tightly woven and cohesive clan or tribe.

As long as there is honest, loving and responsible relationships, they will be supported and recognized, as part of the family, with milestones of relationships including marriage.

What makes a society is cross generational and diverse support for the needs and realities of everyone in the tribe. As long as humanity thrives, just like any other species, there will be LGBT and inter-sexed individuals. What matters is whether their choice, like anyone else, is to be part of and contributing to the tribe as a whole.

There is a biological imperative with breeding individuals that is about perpetuating the species, themselves vicariously and other natural responses. What needs to be managed is the acceptance they may have children that won’t. That is natural. All children need to be loved by parents and role models.

We must remember this.

As long as there are honest, loving and responsible relationships that are consensual, there is not a problem. We all have to remember not everyone is able to understand what we are all about. Not everyone is able to deal with all realities. As part of a tribe and being responsible, like any other adult in society, many things are meant to be private.

What about other lifestyles or tribal societies?

Are you first a solid member of the tribe? Is there a council member that will participate and sponsor the society until there is an individual in it that can be raised to the council? Does it serve to empower individuals and add to the spiritual or functional experience of the tribe? If it is yes, to all of these, then why not?