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Dragon Society

This is the Core Spiritual and Magical Society of People Embracing Change.

The ultimate goal of the aspirant into the Dragon Society has several components:

  • Interdisciplinary capability to work with any magical group, practice and setting
  • Define your own magical authentic self in all things
  • Leadership skills, and developing leadership in others.
  • Service, first and foremost to community and the world.
  • Guard, protect open rituals that you attend.
  • Protect as much as you can and are allowed to do of groups that you are part of.
  • Balance in all things you do, life, magic, and personal being.

This is not your typical coven or magical working group. This is not a lodge society. Nor is this a typical initiatory tradition. While we will generate initiations as a milestone before you are invited into the society it will be a fraternity of equals, while you recognize and honor yourselves, along with respect of teachers, elders, mentors. I as Archonstone honor my apprentice relationship to Bear.

The training groups:

The Aerie

To Know

The Aerie is the outer court, Classes will consist of the Basics and Broad background of magical systems, divination systems, The Syllabus is the Starting point. The classes will include tests and assessments. There will be more than just the classes offered to the public.

The Serpents Weyr

To Dare

Initiation into the Serpents Weyr indicates that you are willing to continue your spiritual and magical development. You will be put in situations whether it is opportunities to learn from mentorship, classes, but also experiences from life or from the realm of spirit. You will be apprentices and protected as such. You will learn how to work with groups.

The values of the Dragon Weyr will be part of the training. Most importantly your integrity and authenticity will be scrutinized and coached.


To Will

This is where you explore your being, magic, spirituality and relationship to the community. You will define your relationship to nature, the cosmos, Deities, and more.

Spiritual development causes a lot of personal upheavals in life and relationships. It takes time and experiences to find where you stand, be comfortable in your own skin, reside in your full Authentic Self. Then you realize the direction you desire and choose your own full awareness. You explore relationship in the various societies, groups, clans.

Dragon Weyr

To Keep Silent

This is by invitation. We can all be different, but we can work together. We may be individual Wizards and Witches, but is a matter of Service, Integrity and Balance. We will be recognized by and in each other by those foundational values of Service, Integrity and Balance.

Interested In Participating

Dragon Society Students