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Tribal Societies

What are Tribal Societies?

Family Groupings or Clans give continuity for families and inter-relationships with other Clans. Like Families, Clans have traditions, rituals and affinities and characteristics based on the individuals.

Societies are where individuals from Clans can become inducted, initiated, trained, and apprenticed into the societies. What makes up a society? That really depends on the society, its members, its purpose and its structure. A society must serve as a function for the Tribe.

That function can be religious, spiritual practice, secular or social. Priest craft and spiritual practices are not necessarily the same. Some will be called to one or the other or both. Pantheons, their priests or priestess, as they support the tribe, then we will support them. There are many methodologies of spiritual practices. People cannot practice them all at once. People’s interests come and go, hopefully having opportunities and continuity in a tribe, transitioning between them and finding oneself will be facilitated better in the tribe. We would hope that everyone develops an expertise in one or the other. We don’t expect people to be an expert in everything. When one serves the tribe at higher levels it is expected that there is cross training in as many societies possible. We publicly support other groups for members to join and participate in, as long as it serves their spiritual growth and or that of society.

What societies does PEC have now or Supports?

This list will change

What about LGBT or other lifestyles?

First and foremost, children are protected and are not permitted to be part of any of the “adult lifestyle” societies. LGBT issues that children have, they will have access to society members of good standing created for support of their orientation. As a parent, I won’t be able to answer all my children’s questions. They must know that are loved and will always be part of the family. Human love and sexuality have always been and will always be along a whole spectrum of orientations, interests and dynamics. If a culture is to survive as a cohesive whole, all aspects of responsible human interaction need to be understood and supported. We support honest, responsible, loving relationships. Honesty is the hardest part. That is what this tribe and the cultural dynamics we are working on is to support honest, responsible and loving relationships with everyone in the tribe. We are who we are, living honestly, responsibly and in loving manners are what make us part of the tribe. When we fail to honor who we are, we fail ourselves, our family and our society. There are a lot of dysfunctional behaviors in alternative societies, and even in the culture in general. This is what we need to address successfully in the tribe.

What are societies the tribe would be open to?

Builders, construction, plumbers, carpenters, electrician, mechanics and healing fields are just few that I can think for secular groups.

Wiccan, Asatru, Santieria, ifa, Yoga, Taoist, Buddhist, hermetic, gnostic and Shamanic traditions are a few I can think of for spiritual societies. Currently the Elders have solid affinities with those listed. We are open to others. As communities evolve, their gods change, as gods change so do the communities. We will change together.

Shall we work together?

To contact us: Email: secretary@peopleembracingchange.com 678-643-2366