Mind, Body and Emotion in balance generate Spirit. Truth, Life, Love, in Harmony generate Integrity. Spirit and Integrity create Soul. This is how we grow at all levels.

What is up? What is going on now?

Our humble home, we are tring to make less humble. We are trying to make it more presentable, safer and comfortable. The beautiful thing about a home that is all paid for, is not paying a mortgage. The down side is, this home needs a lot of repairs. We had expected to have a room remodeled and a walk way done. A wet winter with old floors some of them needed replacing. The good thing is that we have a handicapped accessible ramp from the driveway down into the house. This is for us, hopefully distantly in the future, and for our guests. The floors had to be repaired, for everyone's safety. Like any project, 2 projects turn to 7. 5 are done and more to do. We had hoped to have things wrapped up in the spring. As it turns out it will take most of the summer. When we do, we will be holding classes, and gatherings as we can.

We have presented a class at Mystic South this year, on Lucid Dreaming, Astral projection, traveling, Dream and Plane walking. It has been added to the videos section.

If you need us, need to contact us, ask quesitons, feel free to email me, call me after hours, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.